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Looking to Buy a Condo in Toronto?

Toronto condos are under construction everywhere, and you can take advantage!

Toronto is often considered to be one of the most expensive cities there is in Canada. It should come as no surprise that buying a condominium in Toronto is not cheap either. 

For a starting price of around $200,00, you can find a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo with about 500 - 600 square feet of space in outskirts areas of North York. As you move into the city into areas like the entertainment, shopping, or financial districts, or the poshe locales in Yorkdale, the price rises sharply and the square foot may even decrease.  Buyers are also going to pay a premium for Waterfront Condos.

Why the difference? Areas in Toronto's central core offer easy access to many local venues that are a nice drive from the outskirts area. Additionally, there is often an air of confidence, success, and affluence that floats around the posh living of a downtown area.

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Some say that living in Yorkville is like living amongst the stars, and that Yorkville is where the rich come to live and play. Yorkville is regarded as one of the most desirable locations in Toronto because of its fine dining and shopping and new developments pending.

Another glamorously affluent area is the Financial District. The Bay Street Financial District area has the tallest office tower in Canada, is headquarters of the Bank of Montreal, the Toronto Stock Exchange and many other skyscrapers, including some of Toronto’s most luxurious, most expensive and most highly sought after condos.

Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of Toronto's downtown core, or more relaxed living conditions in North York, you can be sure that there are many condo choices available with a price tag that makes no apologies or excuses for the quality, location, amenities, communities and views it offers. Searching for condos in Toronto shouldn’t be a task you try to accomplish alone, especially with condos in this price range. For best results, let a qualified real estate agent help you find your condo.




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